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At Quaint, chocolate is a gift, an art and an experience. I invite you to explore together the  chocolate world.  I invite you to have fun and to create moments to savor.  I’ll help you express your love, make a kind gesture, teach a new skill  and elevate  any workshop or party.

“I am fascinated by the way chocolate is created and presented…
and how it can be expressed in so many creative ways.
It's this sense of playfulness, whether elegant or whimsical;
this, I try to  bring to life…”
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The Artist

Moran Ovadia

“I am inspired by life and dreams. My ambition is to express”

Hello! I’m Moran Ovadia, and I’m a chocolate artist and a chocolatier, which means I don't just “make chocolates”; I use them as the rich, velvety medium for my art.

Early on, I fell in love with chocolate, and now I use it to exhibit the enthusiasm, playfulness, individuality, and aesthetics that infuse my creation process.

“a good design adds a bit of magic to its subject..”
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