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“It is a playground for the imagination…”

Kids Birthday Chocolate Workshops

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PLAY keeps us in touch with the here and now and teaches us to be present and find joy in the moment.

For children, PLAY is vital. Through play, they develop imagination, skills, creativity, and their attitudes about life! Kids have a gift for openness, mindfulness, and spontaneity that we need to nurture and protect by encouraging them to PLAY.

Creativity is a fundamental part of PLAY. It allows kids to escape to another world through the power of their imaginations. When they create, their bodies and minds work in beautiful synergy, which is essential for their health and well-being.

And now, kids can PLAY with chocolate!

I have carefully designed each of my one-of-a-kind kids’ workshops for different age groups and occasions.  (Oh, and parents love these workshops, too!) For every experience, I playfully present cacao beans and chocolate and give children the chance to use all five senses as they explore this marvelous delicacy.

I work nationwide. Wherever you are in the states,
lets turn your next kid’s birthday party into a chocolate celebration! Contact me-

My 75-90 minute birthday party packages feature:

  • EVERYTHING I need to conduct the workshop—you won’t need to supply a thing.

  • A special chocolate gift for the birthday girl or boy (Shhhhh … don't tell them; it's a surprise!)

  • A fun, child-friendly intro to chocolate (history, byproducts, etc.)

  • A taste-test of different chocolates

  • Chocolate “art class” instruction

  • Time for the kids to create their own unique chocolate art

  • Frontal workshops in New York City and its boroughs

  • Zoom workshops throughout the U.S.

Children will …

  • Become more knowledgeable about this beloved treat.… learn a new skill (Watch them become little chocolate artists before your eyes!).

  • Enjoy a magical, unforgettable time with their friends and family.

  • Take home a box filled with their own special chocolate creation, other tantalizing treats, and a little DIY chocolate kit to experiment with at home.

  • Talk about this party for months to come.

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