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“Elegance and beauty are important and arise from a contemporary use of traditional techniques”
Henrik Abrahams

Chocolate & Fashion

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Can fashion be edible? And taste like chocolate too? Yes and yes. It might sound unbelievable at first, but fashion and chocolate go pretty well hand in hand together. And at Quaint, you will have the first-hand experience to try it out and see how the mixture between fashion and chocolate can result in something truly extraordinary.

Quaint welcomes you to enter the fantasy world of chocolate and fashion.

 In the heart of the city that never sleeps- NY, everything you ever imagined in terms of extraordinary chocolate tastes and shapes comes together in the most unique and original way. Chocolate Fashionistas, as part of the Drizzle, is the truest representation of how two big loves and tastes can be combined into one.



The expression of individualism, originality, and uniqueness, delivers an unconventional representation of art. Through this creative expression, the founder looked for a way to reflect on her personality and spirit. Though all of that comes to the edible chocolate art.


what better way to incorporate fashion & chocolate than by making chocolate dolls - in wonderful outfits, human-size chocolate busts or little mannequins on a stick,, high heel chocolate shoes, masks, jewelry, etc.



The chocolate fashion creations of Quaint were represented in many fashion events, art exhibitions, the famous fashion runway show in Salon Du Chocolat, and most recent one- a mini version of  Cruella Devil stunning outfits from her movie Cruella by Disney were made from chocolate and played as sweet gifts for the press.



In Chocolate Fashionistas Craft Workshop I teach you how to create edible fashion! It's a very unique,fun and one of a kind activity. Turn into a fashion designer and create your own edible stylish outfit.


This fabulous craft workshop  is for everyone who is looking for a fun activity for birthdays, fashion events, people gatherings, fashion theme parties,bachelorette party workshop, bridesmaids gifts, girls scouts, any themes parties, like: Romantic  Paris, Vintage Love, Victorian-Steampunk fans and whatever your imagination takes you to.

Work with me!

Let’s collaborate with fun projects. Tell me your vision, your ideas and your wishes and we can go on a sweet chocolate journey together!

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