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Chocolate Workshops: Team Building Activity

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Creating a positive work experience is one of the most powerful investments your organization can make. Give your employees the joyful experience of creating their own chocolate art.

Playtime wakes you up to the joy of living, and with chocolate, this experience is elevated!

This fun activity is a wonderful way to spend some quality time away from technology and to feed the artist within you. Whether you purchase this activity as a gift for a team or to an individual, these chocolate art projects are designed to bring people together. Nothing says love quite as sweetly as chocolate.

Join me for an enjoyable, interactive, and educational chocolate workshop! Let's dig a little deeper and get to know the soulful side of chocolate and different angles of its persona! You will learn how well known chocolate companies mold, create and design chocolate bars and treats, A DIY party for all!



If you have a special request for  holiday chocolate workshops or themed team building events and gatherings, I am here to tailor with you the perfect activity.

Team building  chocolate activities include:

  • DIY chocolate kit

  • Fascinating intro to chocolate (history, byproducts, etc.)

  • Using our sense to explore: touching,smelling,tasting chocolate byproducts

  • Cacao tea kit to enjoy

  • Hands-on activities-design and create your own chocolate art!     

  • A box of chocolates you made!

Contact me for inquiries:

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